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"Walking sideways."

A country that, as they say here, in its economy "walking sideways", like the crabs. It does not evolve, it does not regress. It stays year after year at the same pace.

Also called the lost decades, because from 1980 on, it goes ahead a little, it recovers somewhat.

Our industrial park is the proof.

We no longer have major mechanical equipment manufacturers. Our greatest example of technological advancement became part of a large American aircraft company. Our shipyards are gone, there is no greater work for civil contractors.

Agrobusiness is what we chose. Some mining. Otherwise, we involute.

But the battle continues, there are still those who optimistically believe that one day we will unleash.

Maybe there are no real industrial entrepreneurs and better public managers at hand, maybe we need honest politicians. But good workers we have.

Designers, metal-workers, painters, engineers and so on. We trust them.


A painter at Mavi, final touches on 2 vibratory tubular feeders Velocan type for milk powder.

Asembling a Vical-A feeder for iron ore, last adjustments.