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Homo faber

The working and creative people are known as homo faber, and we are quite sure we have them here, those who manufacture, produce with intelligence, creativity and their tools.

Walking through the Mavi factory and offices, you can follow this process.

Universal, it occurs in all countries, with all the men who try to survive on this planet.

Admirable to observe, always enchanting how from smooth steel plates, made by other men and women, machines appear.

From castings and copper wire our vibratorss are assembled.

And so it continues, soon celebrating its 60th anniversary, the work at Mavi.

Stainless steel frames for our Rotopen SL screening machines.

Silos discharging vibratory devices Vicone type, in the paint shop.

Parts to be assembled for our Romav stainless steel rotary valves, after painting.

At this point some 50.000 heavier Vimot vibratory drives from Mavi were delivered in the last decade. Reliable.

And it is all from our group of homo faber, the working men.

A set of Mavi heavy isolating steel springs bound for Peru, ready for shipping.