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Extra heavy MAVISHAKE railcar unloader.

Final painting after testing and preparation for shipment of yet another Mavishake vibratory unloader for railcars, extra-heavy execution with special drive (not a standard electric motor).

Since 1998 Mavi has been manufacturing Mavishake MS-20 railcar unloaders for the steel industry to speed up the unloading of ore in its yards.

The requirement for extra-robust equipment is part of the qualification for choice and with this Mavi has been chosen to supply this equipment.

With new, more robust protection and extra-resistant polyurethane linings, in addition to the use of special electric motors with  parallel cylindrical roller bearings and reduced gaps, in addition to the driven vibration set being of a more advanced concept, with reduced clearances and permanent lubrication.

When choosing your unloading car, look for Mavi, we can help. More details in Mavishake.

Photo:  Eng. P.T.T. Bussius

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Last touches before shipping an extra-robust MAVISHAKE to a major Brazilian steel company this August 2021.