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Mavi 60 years!

In August 1961, Dipl. Ing. Horst Bussius with his valued partner and friend Frederico Baumann started the second operation for the manufacture of medium-sized vibratory equipment.

Mavi Máquinas Vibratórias Ltda was created. manufacturer of screens, conveyors, unloaders and especially vibratory drives, coined the term by Mr. Bussius of "motovibrator" adopted by the market with his Vimot brand.

In 2021, we commemorate, without much fanfare, given the confused picture of the Covid-19 pandemic and its countless victims in Brazil, the company's 60th anniversary. A rare case of survival in the Brazilian metal-mechanical world, today more prone to imports of products from the Far East, with its tax advantages and more competitive prices.

In 1974, Mavi joined the Hoechst group of the Federal Republic of Germany, through its vibratory equipment division Uhde GmbH, in Hagen. This association was later transferred in part to another company created by the current administrators, Joest-Mavi Ltda, for large-scale vibrating equipment. (More at

With the passage of all founders between 1980 and 2013, today the company is managed by successors and a valuable body of employees, some with nearly 50 years of experience.

We continued in the battle to provide equipment for the difficult and volatile Latin American market, with approximately 19,000 units delivered in addition to 250,000 Vimot line motovibrators.

In addition to its line of vibrating equipment, Mavi also represents Sahut-Conreur companies for briquette presses, from France, Vortex, from the USA for gate and bypass valves for bulk materials in addition to the high-performance pneumatic vibrators from Findeva, Switzerland.

Companies that trust our performance in long-term partnerships.



Mavi announces to all customers that we are operating normally. Machne shop, customer services and technical assistance operating 100%. Our sales and customer service representatives are on hand for clarification or any questions you may have.

The company informs that it has adopted several attitudes recommended by the Ministry of Health, to avoid the proliferation of the new Corona Virus, reinforcing its commitment to the health and well-being of our employees, customers and partners. We know it is a difficult time, but with a lot of effort we will overcome together.

Extra heavy MAVISHAKE railcar unloader. Final painting after testing and preparation for shipment of yet another Mavishake vibratory...

Stainless steel, a must in the food processing industry Mavi in 2021 is beating some records regarding stainless steel vibratory equipment...

9,4 mm/s wave speed on the ground ! Many times one has to avoid transmitting vibrations to buildings as much as possible...