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New order for Sahut Conreur briquetting presses in Brazil.

Sahut Conreur from France announces another acquisition of its...


Heavy duty VICAL -A feeders for 4.000 t/h iron ore pellets.

After a few adjustments, one of Brazil´s largest iron ore mines has succesfully started operation for combined 16.000 t/h...


With larger housings and bearings, new KA-5001 drives for resonance conveyors.

With larger housings and bearings, as well as automated lubrication, companies operating Mavi's newer...


Dosator electromagnetic vibrating feeders

Mavi's Dosator range of vibratory feeders is a good choice for precise dosing of bulk materials in smaller...


Velocan vibrating tubes in stainless steel for food products.

Since 1961, Mavi Máquinas Vibratórias Ltda. has been producing and delivering Velocan conveyor tubes...


Technical assistance with original Mavi spares.

Across Latin America and some African countries, Mavi has helped to keep...


REVITRAN continuous castings cooler

With 28 meters in length, another continuous casting cooler for 15 t/h ...


REVITRAN conveyors for heated aluminum scrap

Since 1974, Mavi has been producing these conveyors in the country, with up to 35 meters in length...


Vibrating discharge devices for silos Vicone

Vibrating discharge nozzles, when attached to silos or bins, move


Supply chain, delays, strikes and pandemics.

In the global issue with supplies, shipments, deliveries, absenteeism and lack of essential components...


Extra heavy MAVISHAKE railcar unloader.

Final painting after testing and preparation for shipment of yet another Mavishake vibratory...


Stainless steel, a must in the food processing industry

Mavi in 2021 is beating some records regarding stainless steel vibratory equipment...