Rectangular vibratory screens

For medium and high capacities. Classify materials into up to 4 fractions. They are robust and durable.

Velopen screen

VELOPEN vibrating screens are used for the classification of products into up to 4 fractions using different mesh sizes or perforated plates with different apertures. The mesh or holes can be varied between 0.15 and 75 mm.

Both dry material and products in liquid media can be screened, provided that the percentage of the liquid part does not fall below a certain predetermined level.

If you need to process humid or muddy products, it is advisable to use other types of sieves, also made by us.

In general we can specify the applications of screening in such a way:

Separation by sieving, for example the separation of two different products with different particle sizes. Separation of one product into different sizes.

Cleaning by screening, i.e. the removal of debris and agglomerations in a product.

Separation by sieving in liquid media, for example the separation of different products and the removal of the liquid part.

Cleaning by sieving in liquid medium, i.e. the removal of solid debris and agglomerations of sieving liquids.

Velopen sieve classifying sand after de-crushing
Velopen screen with feed hopper for sorting of fine products