Slide gates

For interrupting the flow of material in the discharge of ducts or silos, they are the most used on the market. Easy to operate, they can be driven manually, pneumatically or by a reducer-motor.

The alternative in gate valves

Open, close, open, close!

How often can this simple concept create problems in the movement, storage, and processing of bulk materials.

A silo that needs to be closed for maintenance of a screw conveyor, a vibratory feeder that could receive \"a little less\"" material. Possible task for the universal and \""very simple\"" GATEC gate valves from Mavi.

For more practicality and time saving, you can count on the motorized gate valves type GATEC MT that can save you money by simplifying the procedures.

With the touch of a button you open or close the valve and allow a smooth flow or stop of your bulk materials, for example a wide range of cereals, powders, fine ores, etc. Some people even use it as a flow regulator, or shut-off, in ventilation systems, because of its low cost.

Vibrating feeder can receive \"a little less\" material thanks to the Gatec Gate Valve
Possible shut-off between screw conveyor and vibratory pipe with Gatec gate valve