Vibrating tables

Vibrating tables basically consist of a vibrating platform with drive, supported by insulating springs and a support. Its major applications are compacting materials, densifying concrete and testing electronic equipment.

Mesa vibratória tipo VIPAC executada em aço carbono com nossa pintura padrão verde RAL 6011.

Mesa vibratória para sistema de ensacamento em big bags.

Mesa vibratória com roletes para facilitar a troca dos bags.


VIPAC vibrating tables are widely used for compacting powdered products, bulk materials and pasty substances, inside the package itself or in forms.

Flours, ground coffee, sugar, soap powder, bran, animal feed, nails, screws, etc. are vibrated, when placed on the vibrating table, so that they become compacted, thus reducing the volume occupied. These reductions are up to 30% in a few seconds of application.

The table can also be used to eliminate air bubbles from products such as canned sardines, jam jars, chocolate molds, and more. This process will significantly shorten the permanence of the products in vacuum chambers because most of the bubbles will be eliminated by vibration.

The VIPAC shaking table can also be used to test electric and electronic products by placing them on the table, with respect to solid state resistance. It can also be used for tests in the automotive industry, especially in the case of radiators, carburetors, gasoline pumps, lamps, etc.

VIPAC tables are supplied in several sizes and capacities, driven by VIMOT vibrators of our manufacture, with a choice of equipment with 1,150, 1,750 or 3,500 vibrations per minute. The vibrations can be circular or linear, directed vertically. They can be connected at 220/380 or 440 Volts. (60Hz)

VIPAC tables can be interspersed in continuous transport systems, embedded in the floor or placed in structures that provide sufficient support.

Because the table and the vibrators are spring-supported, there is no propagation of vibrations to the foundations. Therefore, there is no need to anchor them.

VIPAC vibrating tables with 3,500 vibrations per minute are intended for the manufacture of concrete products. We supply these tables in several sizes with one or two VIMOT drives.

Vipac vibratory table.
Vipac vibratory table ready for shipment.