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Tradition, quality, reliability and modern facilities are some of the characteristics and achievements of the company along these 50 anos.

Sometimes an undesirable phenomenon

Vibration is normally a phenomenon which should be avoided, as much as possible, sometimes turning out very dangerous. Aircraft wings, automobile wheels, turbine rotors must all be meticulously balanced in order to have all vibrations eliminated. Otherwise they show early signs of fatigue or even brake down.
However in the past, one has observed that vibrations could be useful in very specific applications and are easily produced by unbalancing rotating or reciprocating machine parts.
Vibration permits the conveying and classifying of several different bulk materials, as long as a state of equilibrium between frequency, stroke and direction is established.
To determine this point of balance and applying it to the various types of vibratory equipment is our goal here at Mavi, since 1961.
This leaflet is a presentation of the Mavi works and the people involved in the process of transforming vibrations into useful machines and drives.

The people involved in producing useful vibrations.

The people involved in producing useful vibrations.